Danbaka | Shared In Common Marketinghttp://www.danbaka.com shared in common marketingTUE, 13 Nov 2018 10:34: 11 +0000it is-EShourly1https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.10Communal house for women in the valley of Tessaout, Moroccohttp://www.danbaka.com/casa-comunal-para-mujeres-en-el-valle-de-tessaout-marruecos/ http://www.danbaka.com/casa-comunal-para-mujeres-en-el-valle-de-tessaout-marruecos/#respondWed, 28 February 2018 02:10: 39 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=384In October of 2016 Dana Marketing Solidarios Action has been united to Foundation Geode (Winning of the category the International of II the Shared in common Prizes Ananta Foundation Alberto Contador Foundation, 2015) in the Tessaout Project, in Morocco, with the aim of contributing economic and human means to collaborate in the sustainable development of the valley and its people. In particular, in 2017 we will share with Geode the investment for the construction of a communal house where women and children can create a social and cultural point of contact. The budget is of 15.000€. In October of 2017 we have realised a shared in common trip to that 18 people have added themselves, to know the project in situ. ]] >http://www.danbaka.com/casa-comunal-para-mujeres-en-el-valle-de-tessaout-marruecos/feed/0Bikes for the Lifehttp://www.danbaka.com/bicis-para-la-vida/ http://www.danbaka.com/bicis-para-la-vida/#respondSun, 28 Jan 2018 02:04: 57 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=372“Bikes for the Life” are a joint initiative of the Association of Handicapped people of Pinto (AMP), Alberto Contador Foundation, Foundation Seur and Fundación consisting of Ananta the repair of bicycles in a factory that employs disabled people, for the later gratuitous distribution of the bicycles to underprivileged groups. The bicycles are caught free of charge by the Alberto Contador Foundation and also transferred without cost to the factory of Pinto (Madrid).

The main objectives are:

The operation of a factory of reception and repair of bicycles that offers professional formation in regime of occupational center to people with intellectual incapacity within the scope of action of the AMP.
The donation of the repaired bicycles to groups in situation of social exclusion, as much in Spain as abroad by means of programs of cooperation to the development properly justified.
The mobilization of resources of individuals and institutions (as much used bicycles as economic resources and of another type) to make of Bikes for the Life a shared in common and sustainable program in which it is possible to be collaborated as much precise as permanent with the purpose of to develop to a culture of cooperation and promotion of the mutual help.
To contribute to as much spread in the society a culture of use of the bicycle as transportation unit as of leisure.
To contribute to spread in the society a culture of cooperation and good practices while the four signatory organizations cooperate with a shared in common aim and take the good practices to the sport land, of the cooperation and to the social scope.

In Danbaka we felt very happy for collaborating with Bikes for the Life.

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It travels Shared in common by Moroccohttp://www.danbaka.com/viaje-solidarios-por-marruecos/ http://www.danbaka.com/viaje-solidarios-por-marruecos/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 02:33: 48 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=397Shared in common trip by Morocco of the 26 of April to the 3 of May of 2017, includes Hosting, maintenance and transport. Descubriras a unique experience. ]] >http://www.danbaka.com/viaje-solidarios-por-marruecos/feed/0Shared in common prizes Foundation Ananta and Fundación Alberto Contadorhttp://www.danbaka.com/premios-solidarios-fundacion-ananta-y-fundacion-alberto-contador/ http://www.danbaka.com/premios-solidarios-fundacion-ananta-y-fundacion-alberto-contador/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 02:08: 54 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=381We inform with joy that Foundation Ananta and Fundación Alberto Contador has been united in the call of their “Shared in common Prizes 2014” directed to Associations or Foundations that in the exercise of their activities and projects count on limited resources. Danbaka collaborates giving the prize to one of the winners.

The intention of these prizes is economically to help by means of the awarding of three annual allocations to three programs of cooperation of national scope and other so many international, with a total amount of 36.000€.

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Ananta foundation Vietnam Projecthttp://www.danbaka.com/fundacion-ananta-proyecto-vietnam/ http://www.danbaka.com/fundacion-ananta-proyecto-vietnam/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 02:07: 45 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=378From October of 2014 Ananta Foundation it collaborates in the financing of six schools in the province of Quang Tri (central Vietnam). One is six rural schools that welcome in near 500 smaller children of five years. These schools were founded by social assistants of sanghas of Thich Nhat Hanh on Vietnam.

The schools are funded by the system of education state of Vietnam, complemented with bottoms contributed by sanghas of Vietnam and other countries, and deprived donors, among them Ananta Foundation. In October of 2014 we have realised a shared in common trip formed by 10 people. The visit has been very satisfactory and we have been witnesses of first hand of the strong commitment by the education of these children on the part of the local authorities, the social associations of parents, professors, workers of sanghas of Thay and the monks and nuns of Thay.

Vietnam is emerging little by little from the tragedies that devastated to him in century XX. With 93 million inhabitants, it is the country of greater growth of the world. First visit has been ours and we have received a very amiable treatment on the part of much people.

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Colors of Calcuttahttp://www.danbaka.com/colores-de-calcuta/ http://www.danbaka.com/colores-de-calcuta/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 02:03: 05 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=369This program of cooperation was born in 2002 with the arrival of Antonio Mesas to Calcutta. Antonio came from Barcelona where in addition to exerting since publicist had realised years ago a voluntary military service work. To its arrival to Calcutta, Antonio register as volunteer in the centers of the Missionaries of the Charity that founded Mother Teresa de Calcuta.

After very living close by the extreme reality of this city, and inspired by the example of Hermanas de Madre Teresa, Antonio decided to give a change to its life and to remain in India: “it wanted to help, but it did not know how to begin”. To his persistence a small group of people was united who in 2005 formed the Association “a brick in Calcutta”. Since then they began to collaborate with the Indian NGO Seva Sangh Samiti founded on 1968 by the French priest Father Laborde, whose life has been picked up by journalist Dominique Lapierre in its book “the city of the joy” and in a later film.

The project started first with Anand Bhavan, a house of welcome for children, and later with a medical center in the district of Pilkhana. In 2009 the project was integrated in Ananta Foundation, that adds thus its experience and its contacts in Spain to strengthen the long term project, baptizing the new stage as “Colors of Calcutta”.

After five prosperous years of work under the auspice of Foundation ANANTA it is constituted as Foundation Colors of Calcutta and continues his work alone from January 2014. www.coloresdecalcuta.org

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Gossas Senegalhttp://www.danbaka.com/gossas-senegal/ http://www.danbaka.com/gossas-senegal/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 02:01: 37 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=366Gossas M.C., is an Association without spirit of profit founded in 2005. It collaborates in the financing of small projects with urgent and concrete needs. The projects go to the population of Gossas (Senegal) and to the rural areas (19 villages) that compose the municipality.

GOSSAS is a population within the region of Fatick, one of less the most colonised in Senegal, due to:
– the Earth infertility,
– the water shortage,
– the extreme heat,
– the diseases more appellants: malaria and AIDS,
– infantile malnutrition.
We collaborate closely with the Mission located in Gossas (Senegal), and that is to the position of Hermana Soeur Ndeye Mª Bigué Ndao, pertaining at your service of the Sacred Heart.

The Center consists of a residence with capacity to lodge 40 children, a clinic that opens its doors daily to the population of Gossas and whose nurse is the person in charge of all the complex, he moves to the villages to realise the vaccination campaigns and to treat infantile malnutrition.
Some dependencies qualified as bathrooms and showers, a residence for the brothers, a kitchen and a hen house and pigsty where they raise animal to provide itself with but proteins in his limited feeding
The scholastic, sanitary program and the house of put welcome and march by the brothers are going through serious difficulties. In the Mission of Gossas they have had to confront the problem of the space (deficient facilities, little space and duplication of the number of children to position), the food shortage and scholarships, the precarious hygienic conditions… complicated situation, because the Government only collaborates in the vaccine contribution and the church a long time ago it stopped doing it. On the other hand the nourishing program of Caritas in Senegal has finalized and no longer they receive its help. Deprived grants of Dakar and our help stay exclusively with. The people in charge of this complex are only two.
In the middle of these deficiencies the necessity arises to provide solution to these problems, for that reason the intervention fields in which we worked are: the education, the health and the childhood.

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Community of Madrid, Pintohttp://www.danbaka.com/comunidad-de-madrid-pinto/ http://www.danbaka.com/comunidad-de-madrid-pinto/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 01:59: 40 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=362It damages it has collaborated in the accomplishment a shared in common match of padel to recuadar bottoms and to donate them to families and pinto in social exclusion, Was a day of solidarity in family, participating young and parents. With the collaboration of the City council of Pinto, Hotel Princess of Eboli and Caralocio. Thanks to all! ]] >http://www.danbaka.com/comunidad-de-madrid-pinto/feed/0Cena Solidaria delivery of Prizes 2014http://www.danbaka.com/cena-solidaria-entrega-de-premios-2014/ http://www.danbaka.com/cena-solidaria-entrega-de-premios-2014/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 01:38: 27 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=343

National category:

First prize (equipped with 9.000€): Association To occur (Valdemoro, Madrid): Project Door to the Freedom, of support, reeducation and social reintegration of inmates and ex- inmates.

Secondly prize (equipped with 6.000€): Association First Prevention (Madrid): Project Rudder, of support to 25 families in situation of special difficulty in District Bridge of Vallecas of Madrid.

Third prize (equipped with 3.000€): Bethany home (La Línea de la Concepción, Cadiz): Support to social dining room for people in risk of exclusion and youth hostel for homeless people.

International category:

First prize (equipped with 9.000€): Association Enters (Aramendia, Navarre): Project of creation of rural kitchen gardens to guarantee the nourishing autonomy and formation for the water use of the sea in these kitchen gardens in the community of Sandiara (Senegal).

Secondly prize (equipped with 6.000€): Association Home of the Children (Barcelona): Project of extension of the residence-school “Ma Sarada Shishu Tirtha” in Harispur, Krishnagar, Bengal the West (India).

Third prize (equipped with 3.000€): Association Kelele Africa (Torrelodones, Madrid): Project of construction of a echo-school in Kimya (Uganda).

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Shared in common dinner and swap-meet in hotel Princess of Ébolihttp://www.danbaka.com/cena-solidaria-y-mercadillo-en-hotel-princesa-de-eboli/ http://www.danbaka.com/cena-solidaria-y-mercadillo-en-hotel-princesa-de-eboli/#respondThu, 28 DEC 2017 01:36: 09 +0000http://s630303492.mialojamiento.es/danasolidario_nueva/?p=340

In the name of more than 20,000 beneficiaries of the program in Calcutta we want to thank for to all the assistants and the contributors to Fila Cero its generosity, friendship and presence.

More than 40 volunteers (used of the hotel, waitresses amateur and ilusionists of the school of Tamarit magic) you deserve a special mention for being so good people. To the management of the hotel we are thankful for the cession free of the magnificent facilities. And to the suppliers of the hotel we are thankful for the provision of all the sort consumed without cost for us. You are all manifestation of the New Humanity.


We had total plenty and was a precious act.

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