€œBikes for the Life€ are a joint initiative of the Association of Handicapped people of Pinto (AMP), Alberto Contador Foundation, Foundation Seur and Fundaci³n consisting of Ananta the repair of bicycles in a factory that employs disabled people, for the later gratuitous distribution of the bicycles to underprivileged groups. The bicycles are caught free of charge by the Alberto Contador Foundation and also transferred without cost to the factory of Pinto (Madrid).

The main objectives are:

The operation of a factory of reception and repair of bicycles that offers professional formation in regime of occupational center to people with intellectual incapacity within the scope of action of the AMP.
The donation of the repaired bicycles to groups in situation of social exclusion, as much in Spain as abroad by means of programs of cooperation to the development properly justified.
The mobilization of resources of individuals and institutions (as much used bicycles as economic resources and of another type) to make of Bikes for the Life a shared in common and sustainable program in which it is possible to be collaborated as much precise as permanent with the purpose of to develop to a culture of cooperation and promotion of the mutual help.
To contribute to as much spread in the society a culture of use of the bicycle as transportation unit as of leisure.
To contribute to spread in the society a culture of cooperation and good practices while the four signatory organizations cooperate with a shared in common aim and take the good practices to the sport land, of the cooperation and to the social scope.

In Danbaka we felt very happy for collaborating with Bikes for the Life.