From October of 2014 Ananta Foundation it collaborates in the financing of six schools in the province of Quang Tri (central Vietnam). One is six rural schools that welcome in near 500 smaller children of five years. These schools were founded by social assistants of sanghas of Thich Nhat Hanh on Vietnam.

The schools are funded by the system of education state of Vietnam, complemented with bottoms contributed by sanghas of Vietnam and other countries, and deprived donors, among them Ananta Foundation. In October of 2014 we have realised a shared in common trip formed by 10 people. The visit has been very satisfactory and we have been witnesses of first hand of the strong commitment by the education of these children on the part of the local authorities, the social associations of parents, professors, workers of sanghas of Thay and the monks and nuns of Thay.

Vietnam is emerging little by little from the tragedies that devastated to him in century XX. With 93 million inhabitants, it is the country of greater growth of the world. First visit has been ours and we have received a very amiable treatment on the part of much people.