This program of cooperation was born in 2002 with the arrival of Antonio Mesas to Calcutta. Antonio came from Barcelona where in addition to exerting since publicist had realised years ago a voluntary military service work. To its arrival to Calcutta, Antonio register as volunteer in the centers of the Missionaries of the Charity that founded Mother Teresa de Calcuta.

After very living close by the extreme reality of this city, and inspired by the example of Hermanas de Madre Teresa, Antonio decided to give a change to its life and to remain in India: €œit wanted to help, but it did not know how to begin€. To his persistence a small group of people was united who in 2005 formed the Association €œa brick in Calcutta€. Since then they began to collaborate with the Indian NGO Seva Sangh Samiti founded on 1968 by the French priest Father Laborde, whose life has been picked up by journalist Dominique Lapierre in its book €œthe city of the joy€ and in a later film.

The project started first with Anand Bhavan, a house of welcome for children, and later with a medical center in the district of Pilkhana. In 2009 the project was integrated in Ananta Foundation, that adds thus its experience and its contacts in Spain to strengthen the long term project, baptizing the new stage as €œColors of Calcutta€.

After five prosperous years of work under the auspice of Foundation ANANTA it is constituted as Foundation Colors of Calcutta and continues his work alone from January 2014.