Gossas M.C., is an Association without spirit of profit founded in 2005. It collaborates in the financing of small projects with urgent and concrete needs. The projects go to the population of Gossas (Senegal) and to the rural areas (19 villages) that compose the municipality.

GOSSAS is a population within the region of Fatick, one of less the most colonised in Senegal, due to:
€“ the Earth infertility,
€“ the water shortage,
€“ the extreme heat,
€“ the diseases more appellants: malaria and AIDS,
€“ infantile malnutrition.
We collaborate closely with the Mission located in Gossas (Senegal), and that is to the position of Hermana Soeur Ndeye Mª Bigu© Ndao, pertaining at your service of the Sacred Heart.

The Center consists of a residence with capacity to lodge 40 children, a clinic that opens its doors daily to the population of Gossas and whose nurse is the person in charge of all the complex, he moves to the villages to realise the vaccination campaigns and to treat infantile malnutrition.
Some dependencies qualified as bathrooms and showers, a residence for the brothers, a kitchen and a hen house and pigsty where they raise animal to provide itself with but proteins in his limited feeding
The scholastic, sanitary program and the house of put welcome and march by the brothers are going through serious difficulties. In the Mission of Gossas they have had to confront the problem of the space (deficient facilities, little space and duplication of the number of children to position), the food shortage and scholarships, the precarious hygienic conditions€¦ complicated situation, because the Government only collaborates in the vaccine contribution and the church a long time ago it stopped doing it. On the other hand the nourishing program of Caritas in Senegal has finalized and no longer they receive its help. Deprived grants of Dakar and our help stay exclusively with. The people in charge of this complex are only two.
In the middle of these deficiencies the necessity arises to provide solution to these problems, for that reason the intervention fields in which we worked are: the education, the health and the childhood.