Sport matches

We organize all type of sport events with beneficial aims (basketball, p¡del, running, etc).
With them bottoms for the programs of cooperation and development are collected at the same time as the attention is called on the problems in the zone.

Match of P¡del Mirasur

Our friendly beloved Delia Hern¡ndez and Oscar Mart­nez has organized this weekend at school Mirasur de Pinto a match of p¡del to help in the financing of our program Colors of Calcutta, that Delia and Oscar the past visited February on the occasion of II the Shared in common Trip.

I Match of shared in common P¡del

The I Match of shared in common P¡del was celebrated from the 22 to the 28 of April in Sport Complex RACE, to benefit of Colors of Calcutta de Fundaci³n Ananta. The categories were 1ª, 2ª and 3ª masculine and feminine, opened to nonfederal nonpartners and. The inscription had a cost of 20 Euros per person, with stock market of welcome gift.