Bikes for the Life

€œBikes for the Life€ are a joint initiative of the Association of Handicapped people of Pinto (AMP), Alberto Contador Foundation, Foundation Seur and Fundaci³n consisting of Ananta the repair of bicycles in a factory that employs disabled people, for the later gratuitous distribution of the bicycles to underprivileged groups. The bicycles are caught free of charge by the Alberto Contador Foundation and also transferred without cost to the factory of Pinto (Madrid).

Ananta foundation Vietnam Project

From October of 2014 Ananta Foundation it collaborates in the financing of six schools in the province of Quang Tri (central Vietnam). One is six rural schools that welcome in near 500 smaller children of five years. These schools were founded by social assistants of sanghas of Thich Nhat Hanh on Vietnam.

Colors of Calcutta

This program of cooperation was born in 2002 with the arrival of Antonio Mesas to Calcutta. Antonio came from Barcelona where in addition to exerting since publicist had realised years ago a voluntary military service work. To its arrival to Calcutta, Antonio register as volunteer in the centers of the Missionaries of the Charity that founded Mother Teresa de Calcuta.

Gossas Senegal

Gossas M.C., is an Association without spirit of profit founded in 2005. It collaborates in the financing of small projects with urgent and concrete needs. The projects go to the population of Gossas (Senegal) and to the rural areas (19 villages) that compose the municipality.

Community of Madrid, Pinto

It damages it has collaborated in the accomplishment a shared in common match of padel to recuadar bottoms and to donate them to families and pinto in social exclusion, Was a day of solidarity in family, participating young and parents. With the collaboration of the City council of Pinto, Hotel Princess of Eboli and Caralocio. Thanks to all!